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Barbara Gail, Channeler, Mystic

I refer to myself as a Spiritual Communicator for the Light because I receive information directly from God, Masters of Light, your loved ones, and even pets, as well as highly evolved extraterrestrials.

When I give a personal reading, I usually use Conscious Channeling. I am listening to your questions, the answers coming to me from the Light, and then conveying them to you. Sometimes, I "slip" into a Trance Channel mode, but I trust Guidance knows who will be comfortable with that transmission. In that communication, your loved one, God, or teacher, speaks directly to you. I don't control the delivery, other than all originates from the light.


This is an interview with me speaking on many spiritual topics with Nastasha Williams, Spiritual Warrior Journey.
During the last half-an-hour, you will see how I spontaneously left my body to enter the Light,  and provided a Trance Channeling Session with the Christ Consciousness.


Please let me know of your questions and comments.

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