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Barbara's Mission, as God explained it to her on October 18, 1999 "My words will come to you, and through you. You must speak them, but not everyone will listen." God warned Barbara that not all will believe. Still, she perseveres. It is more important to her to please God than the masses slumbering in the illusions of death, fear, and judgment.
Her mission is to share her direct communications with the Light, your departed loved ones, and the truth shown to her for your healing, that God exists and love heals. Fill in the pages of your life's book with rewarding experiences.
Do what fills you with joy. Serve others as you would your most cherished loved ones.
This is your book of life. What do you want to put into manifestation for the days to come? What memories will you create?
Make your legacy one that shows others how to live better.

Meet Barbara Gail ~

When I was a young child, the sight of departed souls in my bedroom during the night instilled in me a deep terror of death. Contrary to belief, their supposed demise did not occur. The thought of being buried alive at some point filled me with dread. I was unable to comprehend the transformation of these individuals into luminous apparitions.

Through personal development, encounters with spiritual mentors, daily meditation, and studying spiritual literature, I gained knowledge about the concept of the Afterlife. My intuition led me to believe that what I read was indeed true. I had the privilege of meeting Christ beforehand, not as a religious entity, but as a companion and friend. I received divine revelations regarding deceased relatives who had transcended into the realm of divine illumination. Masters of Light expressed love without touching upon religion, except to acknowledge its presence in the realm of the material world.


Gradually, I realized I possessed the capacity to offer solace and facilitate healing for those experiencing grief. My services involve delivering messages from comatose individuals, conveying their last requests. The nature of these communications is truly remarkable for me and those who receive them. Similar occurrences of spontaneous healings have been documented, and all healing comes from the Light of God.


Various notable figures, including Bruno Groening, a faith healer from Germany in the 1940s, Native American Shaman, Buddha, Mother Cabrini, Padre Pio, Christ, and others, have revealed themselves to me. My heart was open, so these beautiful Beings of Light used me because when they asked, I answered yes. This is not to exclude the times God has presented to me.


People recognize the method I use to convey messages from individuals and animals through spiritual readings as conscious channeling. I'm here to listen to your questions, give Light-infused answers, and make it all feel natural. It is a gift to traverse the boundary between the visible and invisible realms.


During the process of trance channeling, I possess a unique characteristic that sets me apart from those who solely engage with a single messenger as I engage with several from the Realms of Light. On one occasion, during a sermon, acquaintances informed me that my brown eyes transformed into emerald-green as Christ was delivering teachings and performing miracles. While I was addressing a loved one, God unexpectedly whisked me out of my body and spoke to him directly. Divine Mother has come through with messages. My cup literally overflows with the many events that have blessed me by meeting Divine Saints and Ascended Masters of Light directly.


The one commonality in trance and conscious channeling is that I only channel with the Realms of Light of Love.

My companion website is

I created this site to focus on Near-Death Experiences, the Afterlife, Channeling, Reincarnation and giving you more knowledge. There is much that God and the Ascended Masters of Light want you to know. Again, I do this for your healing because this is my path. I want to complete my purpose and return Home.

Spiritual Medium, Author & Healer, Barbara Gail
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