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                  and OUT-OF-BODY  EXPERIENCES

Human and Animals go into the Light.

"For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one."
—Kahlil Gibran


A near-death experience (NDE) is a profound personal experience associated with death or impending death, which researchers describe as having similar characteristics. When positive, which the great majority are,[1] such experiences may encompass a variety of sensations including detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, joy, the experience of absolute dissolution, review of major life events, the presence of a light, and seeing dead relatives. When negative, such experiences may include sensations of anguish, distress, a void, devastation, and seeing hellish imagery.

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can be induced by hallucinogens (particularly dissociatives & psychedelics)

Mental induction

  • Falling asleep physically without losing awareness. The "Mind Awake, Body Asleep" state is widely suggested as a cause of OBEs, voluntary and otherwise.[24] Thomas Edison used this state to tackle problems while working on his inventions. He would rest a silver dollar on his head while sitting with a metal bucket in a chair. As he drifted off, the coin would noisily fall into the bucket, restoring some of his alertness. 

  • Another form of spontaneous OBE is the near-death experience (NDE). Some subjects report having had an OBE at times of severe physical trauma such as near-drownings or major surgery.


We will be delving into the Realms of Light to:

  • gain insight into the state of existence detached from the physical form.

  • seek a direct encounter with the divine radiance of the Creator.

  • share dialogoues with cherished individuals that proves an afterlife.

  • documented experiences that cultivate a personal comprehension of liberation from the constraints of the corporeal vessel, one need not undergo a near-death encounter.

  • messages from God and the Masters of Light will grace these pages.


It is unnecessary to consume hallucinogenic substances (in our opinion, it is advisable to refrain from doing so). You can achieve an out-of-body experience like a N.D.E without an illness-induced near-death.


  • Per Guidance, an out-of-body experience stemming from trauma or illness serves as an indication of one's divine purpose.

  • You may have elected to educate others on compassion by sharing your health challenges.

  • In one's lifetime, it may be necessary to gain the skill of self-protection for individuals who possess sensitivity and empathy. Trial and error are ways to learn this or from an adept teacher.

  • To identify the underlying cause of illness or physical disabilities, one must abstain from making judgments. These are intended for educational purposes, rather than as punitive measures.


Our presentations showcase "Meditation" as a powerful resource for those who seek to explore realms beyond the limitations of their physical being. In Prayer you are actively creating with your Creator when you utilize advanced methodologies of prayer. Prayers of supplication only do not empower you in the manner in which God intended or made you to become. You are powerful manifesters when you understand the knowledge of the Light within and how to co-create.


The practice of meditation serves to increase one's consciousness, health, happiness, awareness of purpose, frequencies, and connecting with the Higher Realms of Light and your Higher Self.

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