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Barbara's Proof-of-Afterlife (near-death)  and Out-of-Body Experiences

Although there are similiarities in experiences from thousands of people sharing, no two that I have ever heard or read were identical. Whatever your exprience was, believe it.

Below are brief summations of my take-a-ways from the experiences.

For a full accounting of each event, you can find that 

in my book, THE IMMENSE RELEASE, on Amazon. 

Divine Guidance told me we do not always recall everything that happened upon our return. With meditation, you will gain more information about what you went through. If you still want more insights, you can make an appointment for a private session to acquire further  details. 


My take-a-ways from having died in 1988 from a heart attack:


*When I saw the light coming through the window,

I didn't know it was God's Light at first.

* I was supported in beginnng my life again.

* Helpful people in the physical realm were called into action by the Light to assist me.

* My worth, or value as a spiritual and human being were brought to my attention. I realized my life mattered to God. I mattered.

God's Light shining thru to me.

N.D.E. in 1994

My take-a-ways from having almost died in 1994:

*Seeing my dad again in the Light was a gift. I will see him again.

* Dad's job in the Light at that time was to stand at the doors and allow or not allow someone to enter. He received this information from the Intelligence of God.

* The Light was brilliant, captivating, and mesmerized me. I felt so much love and safety seeing the Light and my dad.
* Sometimes we don't have a choice, and must return.
* I found it difficult to be back in the physical after my time in the Light, however short it was.

* Everything that happened to me had an effect on others. The restaurant didn't listen when I told them of my allergy. The doctors and nurses were incredibly skilled. A N.D.E. affects everyone you come in contact with for reasons of learning.

Homeopathic Remedy Resulted in N.D.E.

My take-a-ways from almost having died.

* Floating above my body, I watched everyone and everything.
* I was completely aware of what the doctor and nurse were saying and not bothered by their concern.
* My worry was for their fatigue and how they worried for me. 
* I realized that this happened because, once more, I did not listen to my intuition. My feeling was not to take the remedy, but I did.
* Later, I felt that I was supposed to share what happened and how all of us are helped when we leave our body, when we are in need, and God sends help to us here in the physical also. There is nothing to fear.

Listening to my intuition!

My Car was Totaled and Led to a N.D.E.

My take-a-ways after leaving my body during auto injury in 1995

* Before impact, I sensed it coming and grabbed my phone. It was meant to happen since I could not avoid her crashing into me.

* From the instant of the collision, I jumped out of my body. I semi-detached, staring critically, even judging the apparent mess I looked like. 

* I was across from a fire station to receive immediate help, and that was a miracle.

* Watching my body pulled out of the wreckage by such brave people told me it was not my time to leave.

*I was afraid and in pain, but not without help.

* Help came from everywhere - the Light and angels who pushed in the steering wheel and emergency

services. Extraordinary!

* My feelings of warmth and safety when I was out-of-my body, disappeared each time I re-entered my wounded physical form.

* I so easily left my body and returned!!!!

Angel watching over me.

In this video interview by Tia Renee, I talked about topics related to the N.D.E. and more.

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