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Uncovering the foundation of your own personal growth: The Building Blocks of You!

You began as a Being of Light, one with the Divine, embued with all the qualities of your Creator, enjoying all that the Light offered. At that time, you embraced all of your Divine Essence and fully experienced bliss.

Exploring the Journey Within: From Spirit to Soul

Then you decided that you too wanted to create on your own as your Creator had done. This desire of yours was granted. Your Spirit and body of Light, acting on God, your Creator's decree to your request, allowed your soul to leave your Spirit and the Realms of Light. Off you went lifetime after lifetime to explore, return and share your knowledge, and leave again to test yourself repeatedly to learn how to be godly in a physical form.

The Soul's Decision: Choosing a Temporary Body

And so, a temporary body was chosen by you, that would provide a vast array of opportunities to challenge and engage you in ways you never experienced in the Light of Bliss. You would know what it was to feel pain, jealousy, anger, revenge, and most painfully, the separation from unconditional love. Your lessons would eventually lead you to compassion, empathy, and the remembrence of your godliness.

Embracing the Journey Back to the Light

When finally you are spent, drained of all your desires for short-term satisfaction and longing truth, justice, peace, sweet serenity, you will discard your childish fantasies and embrace loftier visions. You will look upon all with a love you forgot and failed to give to yourself. You will lead with wisdom and courage, the Children of the Light who have not yet remembered their soul's life purpose. Gently, joyfully, you will return Home to the Light, to the peace.


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