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Unlocking the Secrets of the Unseen Realms of Light

Updated: May 26

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond your physical existence? Are you seeking comfort and understanding about the afterlife? We offer a unique journey to unlocking the secrets of the afterlife, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, reincarnation, channeling, and more. We are providing a guide for those searching for answers to improve life, know about the afterlife, and how to communicate with the Light.

Meditation is a tool I use daily, and I have done so since childhood. Although I had visitations from God, spiritual luminaries, and departed loved ones, my challenges in life still presented themselves. Some of them, I was told by Guidance, I had "volunteered" for to teach the predators or to give them an opportunity not to cause harm. Too often, they failed their tests.

What is most important to me for you to know from the start of this site is that you are more powerful when you turn your attention to the Light. Including the Light can help you better deal with every sorrow, horrific experience, and regret.

Think of including the Light as your being the parent and you want your child to come to you when they have a problem. God, Source, Creator, the Light, wants you to come in prayer and meditation. Peace, healing, answers, and comfort will come to you when you are consistent.

We will also discuss effective prayers, prayers of supplication, developing your innate spiritual gifts through meditation, and a vast array of information wanting to help awaken you, that you might also improve the state of the world. Classes will offer a great deal of information and energy transmissions.

The website gives you a plethora of valuable resources, from counseling services to spiritual readings, and even my book, THE IMMENSE RELEASE, that provides undeniable proof of the afterlife. Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, curious about near-death experiences, or simply interested in expanding your spiritual knowledge, THE IMMENSE RELEASE by Barbara Gail on Amazon has something for everyone.

If you are ready to explore the mysteries of the afterlife and embark on a transformative journey, "Soul Seeks Light" is the perfect starting point. Let go of fear and uncertainty and embrace the wisdom that awaits beyond the physical realm.

I have seen where pets pass on and go directly into the Light. Whether communicating with animals, people in Spirit, or those in a coma, these abilities have brought many whom I work with comfort and healing. I am always in awe of God, for all comes from Source.

WELCOME to my new site and I welcome your comments and questions.

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