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Complimentary Zoom Gathering

Updated: Jun 26


With Barbara Gail and Ned Matinnia

Hi Friends,

We have had requests when our next Complimentary Zoom gathering is being held, so mark your calendars for:

Date: Thursday, 7/11

Time: 7:00pm Mountain Time

Please RSVP by 7/8 by sending Barbara a DM or email at * Your email address is needed to send you the Zoom link, so please include:)

In 2013, Ned started the first and largest near-death experiences group on Facebook, which now has over 198,000 members.

Ned: DM on Near Death Experiences page.

Ned is a software engineer by day, a detailed astrologer, and Spiritual/Psychic Medium by night.

Ned is offering a $60. Discount on a full session and half of that for a half session for attending this group.

Barbara Gail is a Mystic, Medium, Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and Author. She has communicated with departed loved ones and the Realms of Light since she was three. Giving messages from patients in a coma and loved ones, locating missing persons and pets, and giving insights to make your best choices. Her new book is on Amazon: "The Immense Release" and the Kindle version will be available mid-July.

Contact Information: Barbara @ or DM Barbara Gail on Facebook. Appointments with Barbara receive a $50. Discount for a full session and half of that for a half session for attending this group. Services Page on Barbara’s website has fees.


Pease note: Personal questions need to be addressed in a private session. If we have a personal message to give you, please say yes, or no if you don’t want to receive it. We will be respectful of your privacy. As in any 'Gallery Reading Gathering,' please expect we will record the session. It is our intention to share certain portions of the gathering online. If you do not want to be seen, you can hide your face, but this might inhibit receiving a message. You can still ask questions.

Still need more information? Let us know 

Barbara's pictures below: Most pics are on my Facebook page but I posted 2 here....

The office picture below was in my Denver office and on the wall in the upper left hand corner, you can see the White Orbs, they are sometimes seen when Guides are present.

* The picture of Bruno Groening, a faith healer in the 1940s in Germany. He restored health, and sometimes a person's life. For this, he was jailed for a time because the government feared him. Bruno contacted me and my Reiki Master Teacher to alert me that he works with me. When I restored a squirrel to life, and three individuals were healed from their paralysis, I cannot state it was Bruno in those instances, for as he too would tell you, ALL HEALING COMES FROM GOD. We are God's messengers.

* The picture of the woman was my Auntie Ann. Years after her passing into the Light, she made herself known to me that she had reincarnated. I met her when she was an infant and she had the same face. The parents had named her Ann. The Mother said that wasn't the first name they chose, but when they looked at her, they had to! This and more is in my book, THE IMMENSE RELEASE.

* Another picture taken of lots and lots of Orbs!

* I saw, actually saw with my physical eyes, that my cat, Dawn, had entered the Light after she passed. Incredible!!

This life is Miraculous, just look around and be aware of what is offered to you.

Bruno Groening, faith healer.
Bruno Groening reconnected with me from the Light.

Proof of Reincarnation

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